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Aligning sales and product with a statement of direction

Sales and product conflict often comes from a place of confusion. Use a statement of direction to bring teams together.


The Overview #50

This week: Salary/stress tradeoffs, customer prioritization, and buyer personas.


Burnout in product marketing is too common

Product marketers often bear the brunt of the business. Hear from product marketers on their burnout stories.


The Overview #49

This week: Marketing salary benchmarks, competing on price, conflicts of opinion.


Three tips I learnt from five challenging SaaS company pivots

Pivots are hard and can be painful: here are three tips to help ease the process.


Registrations now open for the second cohort of WTF is Go-To-Market?

We’re opening registrations for the second cohort of our course, WTF is Go-To-Market?: helping up-skill marketers into the best product marketers they can be!


Every product marketer needs to know about SPIN

Why PMMs should use the SPIN sales methodology in their everyday work


The Overview #48

This week: Having an opinion, accessing customers, and messaging at the right level.


Three insightful interview questions to ask product marketers

Hiring product marketers is hard. Here’s the top three questions I ask all product marketing candidates (and what I’m looking for).


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