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The Overview #30

This week: Positioning needs a narrative, SMB GTM is harder, and you’re not the ideal customer.


The 5 A’s of successful feature releases

Please don’t just announce new features by email. Think about how to get a bigger bang for your buck with these prompts.


The Overview #29

This week: Show life with vs life without, what PMM is/isn’t, and a post you must read.


Improving representation in product marketing: Announcing the Inclusivity Scholarship

Today we’re so excited to announce the Elevate Scholarship for WTF is Go-To-Market, to improve access and diversity in the PMM community.


When should you reposition your brand?

What are the warning signs that you shouldn’t – and good indicators that suggest you should – reposition your brand?


The Overview #28

This week: multiplayer SaaS, communicating a roadmap, inertia is the enemy, and a law of advertising.


Examples of good positioning

The examples I give as high quality samples of positioning in action from across the tech world.


The Overview #27

This week: Launch marketing plan crimes, language/market fit, and buyer journey.


Podcast: What does it take to differentiate?

I chatted with Klue on their Competitive Intelligence podcast – here’s an edited transcript for your perusal!


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