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TL;DR: We’re launching a course, WTF is Go-To-Market, to help upskill marketers into the PMMs the world needs! Find out more and register interest here.

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know how in-demand product marketers are right now.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a huge increase in job postings. Product marketers are becoming CMOs. Everyone and their uncle is shouting at how important product marketing skills are in modern marketing teams.

That makes it harder than ever to hire good product marketers.

PMM is such a broad role. It’s different in almost every company. A lack of definition, roles, and responsibilities mean your PMMs are pulled from all different directions. The overlap between product, product ops, marketing, product marketing, sales, and sales enablement teams are blurred beyond disbelief.

If you hire a PMM from a large, established company, it’s likely they’re already specialized — and therefore might not have the right breadth of experience required.

But if you hire PMMs from startups, they may have super broad experience, but not the right level of depth needed to help take your business to the next stage.

And for the folks themselves, PMM career upskilling is hard.

Many marketers and PMMs of all levels want to become PMM experts, but the experience is hard to come by, and education opportunities are slim.

Most marketers don’t know what PMM is, so can’t support PMMs in their development. A lack of experienced Directors of PMM means there’s limited internal upskilling.

Most product marketing experience is learnt on the job.

Whilst there’s been a great increase in product marketing training from the Product Marketing Alliance, Pragmatic Marketing, and others… we think they’re all missing a crucial piece of the puzzle: actual experience meeting the product marketing needs of today’s fast-growth, high-ambition startups.

Answering the big question: WTF is Go-To-Market?

Whenever Alicia (my friend and product marketing life partner) and I talk to product marketers — both fresh and experienced — the number one question we get is ‘what is go-to-market?’.

Go-to-market strategy is critical for sustainable business growth, and a crucial part of the PMM skillset to grasp and put into action.

Many blog posts and courses will explain GTM and it’s components in theory… but theory means nothing if it’s not delivering value to your progression and your business.

The best way to grok GTM is to understand the foundations, learn by doing, and having a safe space to ask questions.

So… that’s what we’re doing.

Upskilling marketers into well-rounded product marketing experts

Screenshot on 2021-10-21 at 18:30:36.png

We’re launching WTF Is Go-To-Market: a unique, six-week short course for B2B startup marketers to build a go-to-market strategy, develop customer focus, and set the right foundations for an exciting Product Marketing career.

We’ll guide marketers through six, fully-formed modules from ground zero to a fully-formed strategy for your business:

  1. Understand the functional GTM components
  2. Learn how to really know your customer
  3. What it means to define your value proposition
  4. How to launch your product into the market
  5. Why you need to communicate your GTM strategy
  6. How to iterate your GTM strategy to success

Interested? Registrations close January 15th 2022, with the course set to run from February 7th to March 18th.

Have any questions? Drop us a note by email to

We’ll also be announcing a fully-paid scholarship program to help improve diversity, representation, and access to career progression amongst the PMM community.

This isn’t just another PMM course.

Alicia and I believe that product marketing changes the paths of individuals and businesses for the better. So let’s get started!

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