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I’m super interested in how product marketers can use AI to work faster, better, and smarter.

So, here’s an experiment.

I’ve created an AI chatbot that’s instructed to act as an expert, specialised product marketing advisor. You can ask it things like:

  • How to conduct customer and market research to understand customer needs, preferences and pain points.
  • How you can use different positioning, messaging and branding strategies to differentiate the product in the market
  • The best formats to create a product launch plan that outlines the steps needed to introduce products successfully
  • How to create customer personas, targeting strategies, and run targeted ad campaigns

It’s not perfect, but it’s fun to play around with! You can find it here.

I’m really interested by what AI can do for product marketers and will be exploring more tools over the coming months.

How does it work?

So, I cheated. The whole thing was made by ChatGPT, with just a little tweaking from me.

  • It’s just a standard HTML page with the chatbot container, embedding a javascript file
  • The javascript watches for the message you sent, then grabs it – along with a system prompt I’ve defined – and then sends it to the GPT 3.5-Turbo chat completions API
  • The API returns a response, posted in the chatbot
  • It won’t store your messages, and daily messages are limited so it doesn’t cost me loads of money

How could you use AI?

I’d love to hear what you think about it, and how you think AI could be solving problems in your day-to-day work and special projects. Just reply to this email or drop me a note on LinkedIn or Twitter!

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you thought – find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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