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We’ve just wrapped up the fourth cohort of our live product marketing bootcamp course, WTF is Go-To-Market – and it’s been one of the best yet.

Over last 12 months, Alicia and I have spent 40+ hours on live deep-dives and office hours sessions – and many, many more creating the 30+ hours of written/video content.

We’ve trained 52 product marketers from all around the world including the US and UK, Europe, Nigeria, and even Japan. They’ve come from scrappy, bootstrapped startups, scaling brands, and even the largest companies you’ve never heard of.

We’ve heard first-hand the challenges they’re overcoming in their businesses, we’ve coached on building stronger relationships, we’ve trained the same frameworks and concepts that we’ve built on during our combined 25+ years of product marketing experience.

And there’s one thing we now believe that product marketers need, more than anything else.

But it’s not something that you can provide a simple framework for.

It can’t be coached.

It can’t be trained.

It’s got to be learned.

And that is… confidence.

Whatever type of business you’re in, whatever country, however good your technical and professional skills are, confidence is hard to build.

You might have imposter syndrome. You might be confused about how all the pieces of the product marketing puzzle fit together.

  • “Is what I’m doing actually a thing?”
  • “Is this the right way to do things?”
  • “I’m just going to do what I think is right… and see what happens.”
  • “Can I do this? Should I do this? Will I do it successfully?”

Confidence doesn’t come from having good feedback at work. It doesn’t come from getting results.

It comes from finding community, learning that you’re on the right track, that you have the right mindset, and that you can do anything you need to.

Luckily… we’re here to help.

A new way to access WTF is Go-To-Market

We’ve just launched a self-paced version of WTF is Go-To-Market. All the same curriculum, all the same content, all the same community.

It’s a top-rated course, rated five stars by every single participant so far.

And most importantly, the outcome is the same.

You’ll build the skills, tools, and confidence to build a customer-focused go-to-market strategy.

It’s designed by product marketers (us!) for product marketers (you!).

You can read more about what you get in the course, what we cover, and what past students say about it over on the website –

It’s affordable: expense it, or invest in yourself

Inflation has been rising around the world, company L&D budgets have shrunk. But even so, product marketers are hungry to develop their results and their careers.

Since starting WTF, Alicia and I have been guided by our founding principle: to build the next generation of product marketers.

So the only right thing to do is to make access to WTF affordable. It’s now a light-enough lift for most companies to expense as part of your learning and development budget – which is what most students do.

But it’s also affordable enough for individual product marketers to invest in themselves.

Here’s to you

We wouldn’t be in this position without the support of our past students, networks, and the PMM community. So thanks for being part of our journey.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you thought – find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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