👋 Hey there. This is The Overview, a weekly roundup of noteworthy B2B SaaS stuff. You’ll find interesting tweets and articles from around the internet, plus highlights from my personal swipe file.

Personal News #1

Thanks to everyone for your support!

Personal News #2

Next week, Building Momentum will move over to its own site and email platform!

Substack has been a great way to get started, but I’d love to improve the user experience and branch out into new types of content.

Here’s an ask: reply to this email right now! and tell me what the B2B SaaS marketing, sales, go-to-market challenges you’re facing right now.

Looking back into the archive

Can you believe this is email number 60 since February 22, 2021?! 🤯

Here are the top five posts since then – enjoy!

Communicating GTM strategy in one slide

How to distill the things you’re already doing into one, easy to understand slide – and check your strategy is aligned at the same time.

Overcoming product roadmap sales objections

How to educate sales and success teams on the product roadmap, and use simple tactics to navigate feature objections.

The Overview #14

This week: Fix positioning, buyer confusion taxes, and challenges that are a consequence of your decisions.

7 things advertising school taught me about marketing

10 years after graduating from Europe’s top-rated advertising course , I’ve reflected on the top lessons I learnt and how I apply them to my product marketing work.

The shit shift

What happens when you push past your flight-or-fight response and acknowledge your achievements?

That’s the Overview for this week

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Thanks for reading, and here’s to building momentum.


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