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A good tip for outbound (and everything else)

The image in this tweet is applicable not just to outbound email, but everything you put in front of a prospect!

Do you really believe people want PDF overviews? They probably don’t. And if they’re long? Even worse!

A webpage that focuses on you and your story doesn’t matter; switch it to focus on the intended user and their problems.

A personal bugbear of mine are websites that don’t have an obvious intended flow from the homepage. For example, this experience: Homepage > pages that showcase value > pages that showcase use-cases > pages that showcase product usability/implementation

Lastly, don’t make prospects or your target customers do too much work to get value from the webpage or collateral. Think about the buyer journey: what are their biggest questions, and what do they need from that experience?

Best practices need context

I try to be pretty upfront and caveat advice/tips I give with my experience: mostly early-stage/scaling B2B SaaS tech startups.

But I’ve also fallen foul of taking ‘best practices’ to heart without critically analyzing whether they’re really relevant to our situation. I wrote about this in my post on a failed product launch.

Remember: best practices are inspiration, not instructions.

Strategy and hiring mismatch

I’ve seen this WAY too much. Every company I’ve worked at has had great expansion opportunities and signals, but primarily invested in new account growth.

Even now that we know VCs and markets are giving extra priority to companies with great negative churn metrics, companies are still critically under-investing in customer marketing, and even customer success. Customer success done right should be a partnership for account growth, not just a named support rep or a renewal account manager.

Death to ‘all-in-one solution’

No comment needed.

(If you’re using ‘all-in-one solution’ as one of your core marketing messages, you might want to talk to your customers.)

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