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The Encanto / product marketing crossover you didn’t know you needed

@vpofsales WE DEFINITELY WILL HAVE THAT AT SOME POINT #sales #salestok #techsales #saleslife #saleshumor #roadmap #saas ♬ We Don’t Talk About Bruno – Carolina Gaitán – La Gaita & Mauro Castillo & Adassa & Rhenzy Feliz & Diane Guerrero & Stephanie Beatriz & Encanto – Cast

If you didn’t know, I’m a big TikTok user – not quite an hour a day, but definitely 20/30 minutes of scrolling in downtime.

I thought this was funny. An age old story, where a prospect asks if you have a feature for the sales rep to promise it’s on the roadmap… while a product manager in the background says “no it isn’t!”.

Don’t let feature objections derail your sales conversations – check out one of my first posts on how to handle roadmap questions and get the conversation back on track.

B2B buyer experience is changing

I thought the stats quoted in this tweet were really interesting. In some situations, B2B buyers want a more self-service experience. At the same time, B2B buyers also bring more decision makers into conversations, making it a more complex purchase process.

What does this mean?

Your buyers journey is unique to your types of customers, so you need to understand it properly – like right now.

Don’t finish your buyer journey at the purchase

We all know that customer success is a big part of the customer experience, but why do we stop thinking about the resources, training, and collateral that your buyers and users need between signing the contract, and actually realising the first results?

We need to think further along the journey, past purchase to adoption, expansion, and renewal.

Only that way will we have a deep understanding of what our customers require, and how we can help them be more successful.

Importance of user research

In case you can’t tell, I’m a big advocate of listening to your customers and listening to the market.

NIHITO: nothing important happens in the office.

This is why it’s not good enough to just rate your assumptions and move full-steam ahead. We want our work to have the biggest and best chance of success from the get-go: so it’s worth doing an appropriate amount of research depending on the potential risks and tolerance levels in your business.

Having direct insight into what your customers are asking for, thinking about, and where the market has unmet needs, is a superpower.

Swipe File: Your marketing team is slow

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This article from CEO of Mutiny, Jaleh Rezaei – is one I read over and over again.

Marketers have harder time adopting a ‘move fast and break things’ mantra, thinking about campaigns and cycles. But by creating a playbook that helps you run quick experiments and work with the right attitude, you can speed up the trial-and-error process… and get better results, faster.

I’ll admit, at first I didn’t understand. But once you do, it unlocks a whole new way of thinking about speed and execution in market.

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