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Don’t hold back on transparency

The current macroeconomic environment is hitting tech hard. This is more a note for any founders or CEOs, but please – be transparent with the team about the challenges you’re facing.

Attempting to hide chaos from your team is never a good idea. People value transparency and honesty. It’s better to communicate early and often, even if there is ambiguity and bad news.

Build content that aligns with your buyer journey

Great, simple image to reference every time.

Remember that we need to create content that aligns with our buyer’s journey. Creating a product one-pager is pointless if they don’t even know they have a problem yet.

What is the ‘job to be done’?

A good reminder that sometimes, your customer really does just want a hole. But other times, they probably want to hang pictures. And regardless, they still value ease of use, lightweight, and powerfulness of the drill.

This is a common condition I’ve noticed in product marketing: sometimes it’s easy for us to preach about the really far-out, aspirational outcomes that our product enables – even if they’re really disassociated from what our customer is actually looking to achieve.

I’ve generally found that:

  • Execs focus on unlocking new business value
  • Managers want to achieve tangible benefits
  • Users want to do something easier, faster, better

Read more about Andy Raskin’s promised land concept – with a great Cinderella-based chart showing the different levels that we can communicate at.

How confident are you in the promised land you communicate?

Swipe File: Getting outbound email right

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I’ve used Discoveroo, an outsourced outbound sales email service before and was really impressed with their work.

This post on the different levels of outbound email personalization just shows the impact of really understanding your target prospects, and putting that to use in a really personal touchpoint.

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