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Customers don’t want features

This tweet with photo is a great visualisation of the two distinct camps that exist in the SaaS world.

One camp is a progressive approach to solving customer problems, market validation, and moving away from tired artifacts of ‘product management’ like time-based roadmaps towards more fluid outcome-based work.

The other camp is mostly internal-focused: building features because internal folks think they’re a good idea, creating a 12 month roadmap that eventually never happens, and the incessant busy work of deliverables.

Can you tell I’m not a fan of one of these approaches?

Clarity and momentum

Read this article. So good for product marketers.

For the strategy we work on to be successfully integrated, it must be clearly articulated – and people must experience a swell of momentum. It needs to become real.

GTM vs Marketing strategy

Anand nails it: GTM strategy is the story you’ll succeed with, and marketing strategy is how you take that story to your customers.

Swipe File: Testing desirability before building

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Check out this spreadsheet from Sam Dickie.

When you’re in the early stages of building a product/business, it’s hard to test ideas and get unbiased feedback. If you ask someone ‘would you buy this’, they’re more likely to tell you what you want to hear.

This spreadsheet has 11 different types of smoke tests that you can carry out with your target audience, timescales, and advantages/disadvantages of each method so you can move faster with more confidence. One to bookmark.

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