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If you do competitive intelligence as part of your role, this is for you. Klue just launched The Compete Network, bringing all the latest content together from experts in the competitive enablement community. I’m excited to be a founding member! Check it out today.

A positioning case study

Brian runs ZipMessage, a video communication platform, and this is a masterclass case study in literally everything that I write about. Moving from positioning assumptions to evidence, having a really niche ICP, discovering the personas that exist, and focusing on value messaging. Fantastic example.

NPS is not literally about recommending to friends

If you think NPS is literally about whether customers actively recommend you to their friends, then I’ve got news for you!

NPS was developed a way to correlate customer loyalty to business performance. Across the most industries, the specific question format and scoring structure was found to have the highest indication of business performance.

Once you know this, things click into place. NPS is a benchmark, a rough indicator. It might not make sense, but it’s grounded in business research.

If you don’t think it works for your business, then do the work to find leading indicators of future revenue… Or just use NPS as a benchmark anyway.

Who’s your arch nemesis?

Thought this was fun: there have definitely been competitors I thought were killing it, and so didn’t want to make the same moves to not risk being seen as a copycat. This is why it’s important to compete for the customer.

Swipe File: 4

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A great chart to keep handy, showing the handoffs and phases of a PLG customer journey between your internal teams. Remember: any go-to-market is a team sport.

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