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Never be embarrassed to learn and practice

Don’t just learn something, put it into practice and try it out! Don’t ask for permission, but let people know what you’re doing and why!

One of my personal values is applied wisdom. I love learning new things, saving the best into my product marketing swipe file. And then when the occasion arises, I can refer back to best practices and advice as inspiration (not instruction) to help shape our approach.

If it doesn’t work, great! If it could work better, or I need more practice, also great! Accepting that life is a constant learning journey unlocks a higher level of wisdom.

Saying “we could be much more effective here!” doesn’t work – try this instead

Product marketers are often agents of change, influencing up and down to drive better strategic direction AND executional effectiveness.

These are great tips from John Cutler. Seeing faults and issues is great, but highlighting them without constructive steps forward does no good.

Something to keep in mind next time you’re looking to drive impact with a product marketing project.

‘North Star’ toolkit

Here’s another from John. He’s one of today’s best thinkers and practitioners on product management, but really it’s more than that. His work covers business strategy, product management and design, product marketing, intra-team communication and management, and much more.

At this Miro board link you can find a ton of helpful templates and walkthrough videos on how to use each one. Copy and keep – and try templates out.

Swipe File: How to make effective (but anonymous) case studies

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Often – especially with larger enterprise clients – it’s rare that a customer will let you use their brand name as part of a case study, and this can mean that case studies don’t land right. We write them with caution – instead of embracing the opportunity that anonymity presents.

And as content marketing agency Velocity write, “Anonymous business case studies are a license to do some cool stuff that public references can’t.” You can:

  • Tell better, more real, more valuable stories (and have fun doing it)
  • Build trust and credibility and look like a no-bullshit realist in the process
  • Expose the hard problems before they’re real
  • Foreshadow a transparent and accountable working relationship
  • Mine your best accounts for multiple case studies
  • Skip all the headaches of public references

Read the full post to get tips to unlock your next best case study.

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