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The relationship between strategy, goals, values

I love this image explaining the relationship between vision, mission, strategy, goals, and values. Super clear, super straightforward.

Notice anything interesting? Strategy is the approach to realising the mission, and goals are how we will execute strategy. Goals don’t inform strategy, it’s the other way round.

One to bookmark, swipe for your file, share with your team, and push for a better, more considered approach to the way we work.

Is prioritization the key to preventing burnout?

Absolutely agree with this – product marketers are overwhelmingly burnt out. The nature of our work is collaborative, multi-faceted, and requires the use of many skills at once. It’s easy to take on too much, or hold too much on our shoulders.

Prioritization helps. But not prioritisation of tasks; strategic prioritization of goals means saying yes to important things, no to everything else – and having a way to justify that (continually) with the stakeholders we interact with.

That means having:

  • A strategy for the medium-term
  • Quarterly goals
  • Documented artefacts on your target audience, customer understanding, buyer journey, messaging

Getting alignment on these first pays dividends later, to manage new ideas and prioritize projects. For example, having a documented buyer journey map means you can understand requests for new sales collateral – and push back on frivolous opportunities.

Bad messaging

Seriously, what does this actually mean? 🤯

A prime example of feature-led, internal-focused messaging that sounds great to the CEO and CPO… but meaningless to anyone outside the business.

One of my favourite articles is ‘We Don’t Sell Saddles Here‘. Rather than sell saddles, we should sell horseback riding; the idea of wind flowing through your hair as you gallop through the fields.

Are you selling saddles?

Swipe File: Driving more marketing impact

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A great framework for a ‘marketing requirements doc’, similar to a PRD that our product manager friends use.

I’m going to give it a go on my next project – try it out and let me know how it went!

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