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Be opinionated, bring unconventional wisdom, cause friction

I’ve written about unconventional wisdom and the power it can bring to your narrative before, and this post really nails why it’s so useful.

Having an opinion turns off people who don’t, won’t, and can’t find value in your product vision. It helps you to discriminate, early in the purchase journey, against folks who will be bad fits for your product. It helps you be the thing for someone, rather than something for everyone.

Related, causing friction in the buying journey is a good thing too. It can help you justify higher pricing, educate on your differentiation, and influence a prospect’s selection criteria.

Having an opinion and principles is a shortcut to momentum.

Message to your customer’s level, not yours

You need to understand who you are messaging to at each stage of the buyer journey. Only then can you craft the right message with the best language to resonate.

“Delayed” is not a loss reason

If a prospect isn’t getting back to you after a few weeks of quiet, they’re lost. And guess what – when you mark it as lost, don’t mark it as ‘unresponsive’ or ‘gone cold’.

When a prospect doesn’t reply to you, that’s a sign that they’re unengaged. The narrative didn’t hit. The product isn’t right. They’re further in the process with a competitor. It’s a sales reps job to get that feedback and pass it back to the business so it can get better.

Read more on how to always win, even from deals you lose.

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