A few weeks ago, Alicia and I announced WTF is Go-To-Market? – a six-week course to upskill startup marketers into the product marketers that the tech industry so desperately needs.

Today we’re so excited to announce the Inclusivity Scholarship for WTF is GTM, sponsored by Crane VC.

What are we doing?

Thanks to Crane, the Inclusivity Scholarship will support six qualifying individuals from underrepresented backgrounds with full access to the WTF is GTM course and on-hand support.


We all know that excellent go-to-market strategy and execution is core to the success of early-stage startups.

These skills are a unique core capability of product marketers, but traditional marketers don’t have the skills and experience that founders need to push the business forward and build momentum.

This means marketers are more in demand than ever before – but there’s not enough. And for the PMMs that do exist, career growth is unstructured and often not prioritized by marketing leaders.

Add to this the many known barriers that prevent people from underrepresented groups from accessing high-impact tech roles – from financial constraints to unconscious bias and outright racism and classism – and we see disastrous knock-on effects to diverse representation in business leadership, and ultimately wealth distribution amongst underrepresented communities.

Crane also believe that their portfolio companies need to be inclusive places with a diverse set of operators in leading roles, in order to do their best work, create the best, products, and serve all their customers and stakeholders.

Big thanks to Aneel Lakhani at Crane for supercharging our ability to improve inclusivity, representation, and access to career progression amongst the PMM community.

Who is eligible?

The Inclusivity Scholarship will prioritize funding for applicants that meet the criteria below, crafted to improve access and representation in the industry.

  • Those who identify as a marginalised group (identifying as women, BIPOC community, LBGTQ+ inclusive)
  • Non-traditional educational background 
  • Employer will not sponsor their place on the course
  • Bonus: has career experience in early- or mid-sized growth startups and is seeking to continue their experience

Want to find out more?

We encourage everyone to register interest in WTF is GTM, whether you meet the criteria above or not.

The application process is simple:

  1. Register your details
  2. You’ll be invited to complete a 10 minute application form so we can get to know you better – you can apply by video, audio, or text.

Applications close on 7th December, so don’t delay and apply today.

Not a good fit for you? Can you share this with marketers in your networks that might benefit from upskilling their career with solid go-to-market foundations.

Have a question? Drop us an email at or find Alicia or James on social media.

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